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When you dedicate all of your time, effort, and hard labor into your job, the least you deserve from your employer and company is a safe environment. The trouble is that higher management is often completely unaware of dangers and risks at the physical location of your workplace, while other employers who are aware are often too negligent or careless to do anything about the potential problems.

As a result, many Americans are injured or even killed by this tragic incompetence. If you have been a victim or a workplace accident, you need to know your rights. You should not fear retaliation from your boss, when what they owe you is complete recompense for all you have suffered. Get in touch with Jarman Law Office to speak with an experienced work accident attorney in Oklahoma City.

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Duties of Employers in the Workplace

In many cases, property owners or business managers do not regularly check up on their premises to make sure it is safe for people to access or utilize. When they are either ignorant or careless about taking care of a known problem on public premises, this inevitably leads to a dangerous accident, or even a fatality.

Whether or not your manager or supervisor was aware of the risk at your workplace location, they ultimately have the duty to provide a safe environment for their employees. Therefore, your employer is required by law to ensure that the work equipment and location premises are up-to-code. Any dangerous areas on the premises must have clearly marked warning signs, and all employees should be given ample training and instruction, with periodic check-ups to make sure everything is in order. Our knowledgeable attorney can help you in collecting evidence demonstrating whether any of these reasonable duties were neglected, leading to your accident.

Comprehensive Support for Your Claim

Following your accident, it is crucial to report your injury as soon as possible to make sure that your claim has the highest chances of being accepted. Moreover, you should rapidly get in touch with Jarman Law Office so that we can immediately begin collecting evidence to prove your need for full compensation. While employers are supposed to uphold safety regulations and statutes, they will be seeking their own legal counsel to justify their negligence. However, you can count on our skilled attorney to swiftly gather all the documents and files necessary to uphold your rights to recompense.

What You Can Claim for After a Work-Related Injury

Usually, when people initially attempt to decide what to claim for after a work accident, they tend to focus on physical injuries. It is certainly true that medical expenses will make up a large portion of your claim. However, you will soon discover that there are other serious damages that could have far-reaching consequences if they are not taken care of.

Some of the damages which our attorney can help you obtain compensation for include:

  • Costs of medical bills, staying in hospitals, and further medical treatment and prescriptions, in the future as well as currently
  • Lack of income due to lost time away from work, or loss of employment due to injuries and disabilities caused by the accident
  • Physical suffering and duress
  • Therapy and rehabilitation to support you after mental and emotional trauma

Proactive Aid Following a Workplace Accident

Many American employees labor intensely at their jobs every day, only to succumb to an unfortunate accident at the workplace because management was negligent in properly supervising the work premises. If this has occurred to you, it is crucial to take action right away.

Do not wait any longer following a devastating workplace injury, but quickly contact our compassionate and dedicated work accident lawyer in Oklahoma City so that we can obtain the compensation you deserve for all of your pain and suffering.

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