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There are few incidents as terrifying as being in a situation where a dog viciously attacks you. Not only are the injuries extremely painful, but bites caused by canine teeth tend to leave extreme scars that may never go away, even with the aid of a skillful surgeon. Along with all the physical suffering, those who are victims of dog attacks inevitably suffer from emotional and mental trauma, often reliving the horrific experience every time they pass near a barking dog.

After facing such devastating injury, you deserve recompense for the owner’s utter neglect and carelessness in making sure that their dog did not harm another human. This is why you should get in touch with our Oklahoma City dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. Our team at Jarman Law Office is determined to support you in obtaining true justice for your pain.

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Oklahoma Strict Liability Dog Bite Laws

In the state of Oklahoma, the laws in place regarding dog bites utilize a code of “strict liability” for whenever a dog initiates an attack that harms a human being. What this term of “strict liability” refers to is the rule that a victim does not need to prove a case of fault. Instead, all that needs to take place to demonstrate liability is determining that the dog in question was the actual animal that bit you and identifying who the dog’s owner is.

Claiming Compensation for Your Pain

Identifying the dog and its owner is only the first step of beginning the claim process. At this point, it becomes necessary to determine what amount of compensation should be given to you or your loved one for the physical, mental, and emotional suffering caused by the incident. Technically, dog owners are supposed to have homeowners’ insurance that would offer compensation if the dog should bite a person. This is especially the case when the dog is known to be a dangerous breed or has ever displayed aggressive tendencies before.

The problem is that in many instances, dog owners have not taken the time or do not believe it is necessary to get such insurance to cover attacks. They may claim that their pet has never shown any behavior like this before or may try to blame you for instigating the attack so that they do not have to cover the entirety of the cost. This is where it is crucial to have a knowledgeable attorney ready to defend your case and determine the compensation the dog’s owner should provide you.

How Our Dog Bite Attorney Can Aid You

When you have recently been involved in a dog bite incident, it is important to get as much evidence as possible to make your claim. You can count on our reliable lawyer at Jarman Law Office to help you record documents and collect images and medical files that prove you need much more compensation than typical insurance companies are willing to offer. We are ready to fight for your cause so that you do not have to face the aftermath of a dog bite attack on your own.

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