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The term, “civil litigation” applies whenever there is a legal dispute between 2 or more parties that can be resolved via compensation or other damages. Multiple practice areas, including personal injury law, business law, and most family law cases fall under the umbrella of civil litigation.

Attorneys who practice civil law are generally referred to as “litigators” or “trial attorneys,” and Jarman Law Office hosts a skilled litigator with more than 15 years of experience.

If you need help with a civil lawsuit in or around Oklahoma City, look no further than our firm. Whether you’re dealing with a business dispute, a divorce or child custody matter, or the aftermath of an injury, we’ve got you covered.

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The Civil Litigation Process

Civil litigation starts with a complaint. The person who files this complaint is called a “plaintiff,” and they are filing against one or more “defendant(s).” Typically, plaintiffs are asking for monetary damages to compensate them for wrongs they have suffered at the hands of the defendant(s), like compensation for medical bills in car accident cases. Sometimes, however, plaintiffs are simply asking the court to stop the defendant’s harmful conduct (i.e. restraining orders in domestic abuse cases). Civil litigation can also serve to protect individual rights and resolve disagreements within legal relationships (think parental rights and the division of assets in a divorce or conflict between business partners).

Once the plaintiff files a complaint, the defendant has a chance to respond. If the defendant contests, or disagrees with, the complaint, both parties enter into “discovery.” When each side has gathered evidence and had a chance to explore the case, negotiations begin. The defendant may offer the plaintiff a “settlement” to avoid a trial, and most cases settle before going to court.

Nevertheless, if the parties fail to come to an agreement, they will each have an opportunity to present their argument in trial, where a judge and/or jury will decide the case.

Our Oklahoma City civil litigation lawyer prepares every case for trial from day one and aggressively fights for your rights, every step of the way.

Criminal vs. Civil Litigation

Civil litigation sometimes takes place after criminal acts. The primary difference between criminal litigation and civil litigation is that criminal litigation is designed to punish the defendant and civil litigation is designed to compensate the plaintiff. Another way to think about this is: criminal litigation involves jail time and other consequences, and civil litigation involves compensation and court orders. Criminal cases are also brought about by prosecutors instead of everyday people.

Another key difference is the burden of proof, which is much stricter in criminal cases. In civil litigation, plaintiffs must only prove their claim via a preponderance of the evidence, meaning their claim is more than 50% likely to be true. Prosecutors, on the other hand, must prove criminal conduct beyond a reasonable doubt. In many cases, defendants avoid criminal consequences in criminal court but face civil liability in civil lawsuits.

Because criminal and civil cases can occur at the same time, you should have a lawyer who understands both processes. Attorney Jarman of Jarman Law Office worked as a police officer and jailor before entering the practice of law in 2004. As such, he understands both the criminal and civil legal processes, has unique insight, and can handle even the most complex civil cases.

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