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Taylor Dent

Case Manager, Paralegal
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Born and bred in southern Texas, Taylor Dent began her professional career by serving in the United States Navy as a K-9 Mater-at-Arms (military police). While her intentions were to be a life-long service member, someone had other plans for her. After sustaining a medical injury to her spine during combat simulations, she was ultimately medically discharged and forced to discover a new passion.

In 2016, prior to the crash of the oil and gas industry, Taylor managed a start-up oil and gas company out of San Antonio, Texas. After successfully securing hundreds of loyal investors and overseeing two separate drill sites, the economy ultimately took a toll on the company resulting in its unavoidable fold. Taylor, having to find yet another path with oil and gas continuing to plummet, uprooted the life of herself and her then one-year-old son, and moved to the great state of Oklahoma.

During Taylors’ first year in Oklahoma, she enrolled in Oklahoma City Community College with the notion that she would soon discover what her true purpose was. After stumbling upon, and reading, a gallery of old and outdated legal research and analysis books, she noticed an intense spark of interest increasing within her. Taylor then transferred to Mid-America Christian University to complete her undergraduate pre-law degree in Psychology. Taylor then began working for attorney Jeramy W. Jarman at The Jarman Law Offices in 2018 as a Case Manager / Paralegal where Mr. Jarman began to mentor Taylor and foster her rapidly expanding passion, and talent, for the law. Taylor is set to graduate Mid-America Christian University with her bachelor’s degree in 2022 and plans to enter her first year of law school in the fall of 2022.

With plans to stay with Jarman Law Offices after the completion of law school, and being admitted to the Oklahoma Bar, Taylor believes that her own values of integrity and need for justice offers a confident yet familiar place for the firm’s clients to call their forever legal home.